You Don’t Need an Ambulance, You Need a Waaaaambulance



Ambulance Waaaaambulance
Syncope in elderly man, falls and cracks skull X
Syncope in teenage girl during school choir, wants to get out of next class X
Status epilepticus X
Status dramaticus X
Heroin overdose X
Narcan overdose X
Left sided chest pain with diaphoresis X
Epigastric pain, diaphoresis after hot wings eating contest X
Motorcycle vs auto, wearing helmet X
Motorcycle vs auto, not wearing helmet X
Gunshot wound to chest X
Toddler playing with home gun, accidentally shoots father in foot X
Choking on Chipotle steak burrito, Heimlich not affective X
Intractable vomiting and diarrhea from Chipotle steak burrito X