INDIANAPOLIS, IN – Nurse Sarah, an enthusiastic, perky new recruit, would like her male supervisors and patients to know, “Hey, my eyes are up here!”

53049078 - beautiful nurse gives an injection syringe with speech bubble dont be affraid. illustration in comic style.

After a disappointing start to nursing school with a set of double Ds, Sarah was excited to graduate at the top of her class and begin her job on 12 West.  She noticed patients genuinely interested in taking a close look at her name badge clipped onto the breast pocket of her scrubs.  “It was very validating after all my training that patients were really trying to get to know me.  Especially the older men with poor eyesight.  They would just get very, very close to my badge and stare for what seemed to be forever!”

Then one perplexing day, Sarah left her badge at home.  Yet during morning rounds, passing out cans and jugs of Ensure, her patients directed their gaze in the same direction.  After senior ortho resident The Todd stopped by, Sarah was forced to exclaim, “Hey, everyone!  My eyes are up here!”

After years of redirecting the gaze of her male supervisors and patients, Sarah is excited to transition to the Newborn Nursery.  Where the patients will really value her experience and assets.



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