tens unit

WASHINGTON, D.C. – An independent medical device developer and physiatrist, Dr. Nigel Tufnel, unveiled to the world today his new TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) device, which can be turned up to eleven.

tens unit“Most devices have a setting of five to ten, “said Tufnel.  “While many of my patients get good relief on a setting of ten for their pain, there was just something missing.”

Tufnel took a device home and tinkered with it in his garage.  Eventually he hit upon a remarkably simple idea.

“I was adjusting settings, making larger pads, all sorts of things,” he explained.  “Then it hit me: just make it one stronger, to eleven!”

He began testing his device on patients right away, and immediately found in those patients that “needed that extra push over the cliff” he would turn the TENS unit up to eleven.

The device is remarkably well tolerated, despite a slight risk of increased spontaneous human combustion and bizarre gardening accidents, and is under review by the Food & Drug Administration for further trials.



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