HOUSTON, TX – 97-year-old area man, Henry Youngheart, passed away very unexpectedly Tuesday overnight.  Autopsy revealed Henry died of a rare case of geriatric-onset sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

His spritely daughter, Esther, 71, tells the GomerBlog team, “We were understandably shocked to hear the news.  But we knew he had all the risk factors for SIDS: he was exposed to his own cigarette smoke, usually slept on his stomach in a pool of comfy blankets, and had stopped using a pacifier.  But his biggest risk factor was never being breastfed.  It really is a tragedy.”

Esther is hoping her father’s case raises awareness of geriatric-onset SIDS.  “If just one person is saved from our tragedy and loss, unnecessarily frightening everyone else will be totally worth it.”



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