Dr. Amy G. Dala Dr. Amy G. Dala

Dr. Amy G. Dala spends her days trying to save the children from The Google, Jenny McCarthy, and unnecessary head CTs. She works because the alternative—being a stay-at-home mother to her several young tyrants—is much scarier. Follow her @AmyGDalaMD.
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Registered Dietitian, after a long day at work, feeds her kids crap for dinner

Susie Graham, registered dietitian at Children’s Hospital of Eastern Wisconsin (CHEW), did what every ...


Final Frontier in Reproductive Medicine: Freezing Babies

In a reproductive medicine breakthrough, researchers at the Institute of Cryopreservation and Encapsulation (ICE) ...

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Women in Medicine: When to Have a Baby

Women now comprise close to 50% of medical school applicants and students.  The number ...

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MRI Brain Better Than Patient Examination for Neuroanatomical Localization

ROCHESTER, MN – Researchers at Mayo Clinic completed analysis of a 4-year prospective study comparing ...