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Tip: If You Need to Extubate Patient, Send to Radiology

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PITTSBURGH, PA – Hope Mercy ICU is starting a new policy that if you need your patient extubated just send them to radiology.

Radiology scanner
An extubation just waiting to happen

“Usually when your patient doesn’t quite meet extubation criteria but you have a feeling that they would do well without an endotracheal tube, just send them to radiology,” Dr. Wichman, a critical care physician, told GomerBlog.

“This policy works great, I don’t have to worry about being sued later because I extubated my patient when these arbitrary marks were not met.  No more long paragraphs in my notes about why I was going on clinical intuition.  Just send them downstairs and let it ride.”

For many years it was well known that an intubated patient sent to get a scan would lose their breathing tube somewhere along transport or in the scanner.  About 40% of the time they would also lose their IV.  “I would always report that the patient coughed out the tube or the IV got snagged; now there is this understanding that patients are coming down because they need their lines and tubes removed.”

No need to write an order for extubation or do weaning protocols.  In fact if you don’t want your patient to receive any extra radiation, order an ultrasound or just ask for the off the menu item of “requesting radiologist to review the films with the patient.”

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  • GamerDoctor

    Wow… you are dumb

  • Casca

    Mochiro !

  • Casca

    Satire detector fail….

  • Casca

    They managed to pull out a chest tube I had just put in…..

  • Rishi

    Bane of every anesthesiologist’s existence, lol.

  • Debjoti Sensharma


  • Gregory Turner

    As a radiology nurse I do what I can for my fellow nurses

  • Nicole Wickoren

    Also works if you want your ventric out!

  • Damon Shearer

    How about don’t have a diagnosis for your patient, use the shotgun approach and order a CT CAP to see if the radiologist can tell you what’s going on.

  • Chris Rowe

    Not sure what kind of training these transport people have, but our hospital has specific critical transport teams for intubated patients to procedure areas, and very well trained Radiology nurses in all areas of Radiology. Not sure of our stats, but am damn sure it’s not 40% extubation rate. That’s ridiculous. Obviously many hospitals need to wake up and pay for more training and better staff in Radiology areas. Ours does and patient safety is paramount!!!!

  • Jonathan Vergara

    I know! These incidents happen everytime! As soon as the R.N. who by the way, is the primary individual responsible for the patient, arrives to the scanner and as soon the patient is transferred from the bed to the CT table, plops his or her ass on the chair behind the control screen and has his or her face buried on the iphone. Especially when the patient is moving in and out of a scanner, while the respiratory therapist is bagging and trying to keep up with the patient moving in and out of the gantry

  • Nathaniel Allen

    Or a Foley catheter , or IV that was extremely difficult to put in.

  • Lisa Abrahamson-Holst

    I always breathed a sigh of relief when the intubated pt I took down to CT Scan was still intubated when I brought him back up to ICU !!!

  • Kelsei Bezerra Maia

    Kkkk mas foi engraçado…. Davi Sa Leitao

  • Kelsei Bezerra Maia

    Que marmota!!! Kkkkkkk de fato eles tem mania de acordarem no meio do caminho quando a gente pede uma TC por rebaix de sensório kkkkk
    Mas perder tubo… Nunca acontece não rs… Esse povo deve estar com tubo sem necessidade rs

  • Ron M Whaley


  • Courtney Robertson

    Dannielle Bennink

  • Sven Gunther

    Haha truth.

  • Davi Sa Leitao

    Kelsei Bezerra Maia, acontece isso ai?

  • Ginny Moullet

    LOL wasn’t me!! haha

  • Lucas Urlacher

    That’s funny cuz I just had contrast spray all over me and a pt because the nurse didn’t tighten the hub ;)

  • Ginny Moullet

    Serena Delgadillo Schroeder Lucas Urlacher lol

  • Sarah Dawkins
  • Margarita Cunningham

    Lol, or just turn the propofol to KVO

  • Diana Rabade

    Margarita Cunningham Nicole Grahl

  • Lisa Hunsicker

    Not intrathoracic aortic clamps though! Lol

  • Marianne Williams

    Or take out their I.V.!

  • Amy Evans Widmeyer

    Or a central line or foley…lol

  • Lori Robinson Smith


  • Stephen D. Dille

    Did I forget to tie those restraints? My bad ;-)

  • Dana Charlee

    Too funny!

  • Cynthia Almy Savage

    Removing freshly placed chest tubes, too.

  • Kim Stache

    Hey don’t you date! Lol

  • Cristóbal Lanchero

    Our dirty secret :)

  • Emily Louise King
  • Cristóbal Lanchero

    Emily Louise King

  • Colleen Lai Taylor

    At least I make up a great story to go with the pulled IV!! Lol

  • James M Wilson

    Ben Kemp

  • Mary Turner

    Total truth!! Glad they mentioned IV stats as well, lol!! Awesome!!

  • Yassi Nasio

    Lol true

  • Todd Kreisler

    Really hilarious.

  • Leanne Skidmore

    Valerie Paul

  • Jason Freeland

    True that

  • Becky Brown

    Haha awesome

  • Ilona Parks


  • Mary Farrell

    Lol, this is a riot!!

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