Ask Alternative Medicine Doctors About Ebola

herbalsComplimentary and alternative medicine roundtable: Each installment of this section, we invite our readers to send us questions that are pertinent to their health, to be answered by experts in alternative fields of medicine.

Dear Doctors,

Given the situation with the recent Ebola scares, and the fact that it would appear that the medical community is rapidly working on a vaccination, what medical advice can you give about alternative ways to ward off Ebola?  What do you think about a possible vaccine?

Afraid but Natural in NYC

Flora Salinger, ND:

The problem with vaccination is all of the toxins they inject into you.  Did you know that each vial of modern vaccination fluid can contain up to 10 mg of heavy metals?  Did you know that in each injection given for vaccination, each patient (or should I say experimental subject) is getting 5 times the lethal dose of thimerosal?  I learned both of these facts recently while doing research on the internet.  It’s really a wonder anyone survives the vaccination process.  I, myself, prefer much more natural and proven methods to prevent and cure disease.  Methods that have been tested again and again on various blogs throughout the internet.

To answer your question, I think the key component to the war against Ebola is something that we’ve been using for years in the naturopathic community: rosewood.  This natural substance has antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties making it perfect for patients who may have or be worried about catching Ebola.

Secondly I would encourage everyone to eat more lemons.  The acidity in these fruits creates acidity in your body and it doesn’t take a naturopathic doctorate degree to understand that acid is bad for germs.  Lemons are like nature’s disinfectant, and used in combination with rosewood treatment, would likely provide superb protection against Ebola.  In fact, given these two treatments, I could safely walk down the halls of a hospital in Sierra Leone, confident in nature’s ability to cure nature’s diseases.

Mary Lee, DC:

First off, I would just like to say that I think there has been far too little input from the chiropractic community about how to treat Ebola, both on an individual and a community level.  Our schooling and training is equivalent if not superior to our medical counterparts, and so we should consider ourselves at least their equals.

Now, to address the question at hand.  If presented with the patient suffering from Ebola, I would do what any good chiropractor would do: check spinal alignment.  Subluxation of the spine can have a profound impact on a person’s health, potentially making them susceptible to diseases like Ebola.  Cavitation of a patient’s joints, including the spine, can help the body achieve homeostasis, the ability of the body to heal from within itself.

Like many of my chiropractic colleagues, I am doubtful that so-called “infectious diseases” are solely caused by microorganisms or germs.  Based on much of the chiropractic literature, it is more likely that skeletal alignment is the sole cause of many of the diseases we consider infectious.  It is no coincidence that most chiropractic schools do not even teach germ theory in their classrooms.  In fact, I suspect with more chiropractic training in countries like Liberia, the spread of the disease would no longer be an issue.

As a parting thought I would just like to say that any vaccine that may come out in the near future as a result of this panic over Ebola is likely nothing more than a way for Big Pharma to test products on you, and to make millions off of your fears.  Please don’t fall for it.