Medical Specialty Sock Memes, Part 1

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Need help differentiating medical specialties?  In addition to organ systems, board scores, salaries, lifestyle and GOT characters, we can now add socks to the growing list of data points we use as part of our evidenced-based approach to stereotyping.

Anesthesia Meme dermatology Emergency medicine family medicine Geriatrics

Neurology Neurosurgery ob/gyn ophthalmology socks


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    Allison Taylor

    Laura Phipps-Kelley who do we know?!?! LOL

  • Avatar
    Roy Maxton


  • Avatar
    Jen Mae

    Megan Yang

  • Avatar
    Meri Tapp

    Neil Price they have your socks!

  • Avatar
    Maheep Pannu

    radiology socks so boring

  • Avatar
    Maheep Pannu

    radiology was so boring

  • Avatar
    Marie Amina Aryan

    Mujtaba Ali

  • Avatar
    Hunter Knight

    Gfr Hus Ain

  • Avatar
    Aaron S Wagner

    Why is pathology a bunch of sharks and not socks at all!?!?

  • Avatar
    Jan Heather Yoepp

    Suzanne Leibkuchler this one is for you! ❤️ socks

  • Avatar
    Soe Kyi

    So true and thank you

  • Avatar
    Catherine Carter

    Hahaha neuro <3

  • Avatar
    Trisha McFadden Courts

    $hit is getting deep in the OR socks

  • Avatar
    Kelley Vanden Heuvel

    I liked the dermatology.

  • Avatar
    Luigi Zolio

    Various patterns and shapes, and an ode to prednisolone

  • Avatar
    Courtney Markham

    I don’t get the psychiatry one

  • Avatar
    Ashleigh Witt

    Haha was just about to tag you. What’s rheumatology?

  • Avatar
    James Roy

    John Roy

  • Avatar
    Claire Farnell

    Kelley – cracked me up! My fav: radiology.

  • Avatar
    Kim Goehner


  • Avatar
    Sonia Vorontsov


  • Avatar
    Joel Perry

    Yeah, I saw at least two sharks

  • Avatar
    Luigi Zolio


  • Avatar
    Lori Long

    OT’s just ask you if you can take your socks off and then make you put them back on. :)

  • Avatar
    Christine Ouellette

    I rock the knee high shoe covers!

  • Avatar
    Tyler LeBouef

    As an MLS, it’s my duty to tell you that was a shark. I probably just perpetuated a stereotype there, didn’t I.

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    Become A Hospitalist


  • Avatar
    Farah Nasraty

    Lily Ghavi emergency and family

  • Avatar
    Michael Arnold


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