Top 16 Med School Music Parody Videos

GomerBlog is proud to present our selections for the Top 16 Medical School Music Parody Videos.  Our selection criteria looked at music and video quality, lyrics, song selections, and of course being funny really helped.  First off, there are so many great videos out there that we literally spent days and days watching parody videos and we could have spent weeks just to see them all.  Here goes, enjoy!!!

16. A Bohemian Rhapsody Parody about Med School, Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine – Starting off our list strong with a Bohemian Rhapsody parody with students from the class of 2014 at Texas A&M

Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria – At our #15 spot with some smokin’ lyrics is Illinois COM with 99 differentials.  Jay-Z would be proud!

14. Taylor Swift “Shake it Off” University of Utah– Coming in at #14 with a well done Taylor Swift “Shake it Off” parody video.  Great job class of 2018!

13. “Call me Maybe” Parody, University of Maryland School of Medicine – Study Maybe?  Why, when there are crabcakes and football to be had in Maryland?  These guys rock and you can see multiple other videos on their sick YouTube Channel HERE.

12. LMFAO Parody “Study Rock Anthem” New York Medical College class of 2015 – At #12, NYMC class of 2015 does a fabulous rendition of LMFAO.  We saw some solid contenders from other classes at NYMC, so be on the outlook for more viral hits from future classes.

11. “The Gunner Song” Harvard Medical School Class of 2016 – HMS gets the #11 spot with their Thrift Shop parody.  A gunner at Harvard?  Unheard of!  Well done ladies and gents.

10. “Waiting for the Beep”, Adele’s Rolling in the Deep Parody – Tito Daodu has an amazing voice and does a spectacular job singing in Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” parody. Tito attended the University of Manitoba and you can find her YouTube Channel HERE for other great hits!

9. Med School Style, Gangnam Style” Parody by NYMC – New York Medical College is back again at the #9 spot, but this time it is the class of 2016 with their Gangnam Style parody.  You can also check out their Youtube Channel Here for some other hits

8.” Look at me now”  University of New Mexico School of Medicine – UNM Class of 2015 is looking right at our #8 spot with their Chris Brown “Look at me now” parody. Look at me now, I just took out 4 years of loans in 2 days…

7. “Doctors” parody of “Royals” DGSOM at UCLA  – Published just a few months ago, but worthy of our #7 spot, UCLA DGSOM Class of 2017 has made their mark. “We only auscultate ourselves, and Harvey.”

6. In Clinic (In Paris medical school parody) – Wow! This has to be one of the more entertaining videos produced and Vanessa Prokuski nails it!  Hailing out of Drexel University College of Medicine, she is the star of “In Clinic” and has another hit video called Doc.  Love your work Vanessa!

5. Med School Musical, A Disney Parody – University of Alberta – Our Canadian friends dropped a stunning musical performance with incredible choreography and videography produced by Jian Choo. They steal the #5 spot with their 8 minute spectacular musical!

4. Short Coat “Give Your Heart A Break/Payphone” Med School A Cappella Mashup U. of MD Class of 2013 – University of Maryland is at it again pushing into the #4 spot with their ‘Short Code A Cappella’.  Hungry for more from their school?  Check out their Youtube Channel HERE

3. First Year Funk  Class of 2018 – Hot off the press, WashU St. Louis School of Medicine jumps into our #3 spot with an ‘Uptown Funk’ parody.  You can also check out there Youtube Channel HERE.  Solid and very entertaining performance ladies and gents!

2. I Don’t Know “Frozen Parody” – University of Chicago – We had to include a Frozen parody and The University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine class of 2016 didn’t disappoint with their ‘I Don’t Know’ video.  “6pm, do I have to stay!”

1. What Does the Spleen Do? Harvard Medical School – HMS is back again and takes our the #1 spot on our Medical School Video Parody List and they did it with a parody of Ylvis’ hit “What Does the Fox Say”.  Fantastic song selection, incredible videography, and funny as hell! Check out there Youtube Channel HERE for even more videos!