candy and unhealthy food

Registered Dietitian, after a long day at work, feeds her kids crap for dinner

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Susie Graham, registered dietitian at Children’s Hospital of Eastern Wisconsin (CHEW), did what every working mother does after a long, tiring day at work: she fed her children crap for dinner.

candy and unhealthy foodAfter consulting on 65 neonatal intensive care unit patients, including management of 17 different NG tube formulas, she finally took her own lunch break. She then rounded in the PICU, where she made recommendations for dozens of total parenteral nutrition (TNP) orders, consulted on 10 new onset type 1 diabetics, saw a few kids with failure-to-thrive, and several more with morbid obesity.

Susie tells the Gomerblog team, “I love knowing I am making a substantial contribution to the health of these children. But mainly I enjoy helping physicians, because they don’t know jack about nutrition. Seriously, like they know nothing. Do they even mention nutrition in med school?”

Then Susie headed home after a long day at work, and confronted her most difficult challenge—what to make the kids for dinner. But she was no match for her “starving,” relentless children, and lost the battle. She heated up some processed chicken nuggets, in the shape of a non-poultry, already extinct animal, and counted ketchup as a vegetable. She served mac-n-cheese from a box as a side dish. And not the whole grain, organic mac-n-cheese from a box. The superhero shaped noodles, with the powdery crap. And tossed some squeeze pouches of apple sauce on their plates.

Her self-loathing melted away when her children gave her huge hugs, and thanked her for the BEST DINNER EVER. Which she told the Gomerblog team “is particularly unusual, because I feed them the same dang junk every night.”

She turned back to her kids, “Now, who wants some Oreos?!?!?!”

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