Physician Gives Herself Tuberculosis so She Doesn’t Have to Get Any More Flippin’ PPDs

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LITTLE ROCK, AK – University Hospital pulmonologist Roberta Koch has had it with getting yearly PPDs, so she has come up with what she sees as a foolproof method of never having to receive one again: actually getting tuberculosis.  

cough“I work at four different hospitals and each one of them requires a separate PPD because none of the hospitals will accept another hospital’s results.  So each year I have to wait like an idiot in each separate occupational health office, get a PPD, and then go back two or three days later to have it read, that is if I don’t forget.  It’s a real waste of time!  Then I remembered people who had tuberculosis could refuse the PPD because of the terrible skin reaction.”

In response, Dr. Koch took a long needed sabbatical and exposed herself to the tuberculosis bacillum which she had taken from the pathology lab.  After confirming herself with three positive sputums that she had tuberculosis, she began quadruple therapy, and now just six months later, she is happily tuberculosis free.  

“I only had one seizure from the isoniazid, but it is a small price to pay for not having to get any more PPDs.  I’m very happy with my decision,” said Dr. Koch.  

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