Kids Spending Only 15 Minutes in Public Sandbox Equals Immunologic Burden of 7500 Vaccines

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EVERY PARK, USA – For parents hoping to keep their children shielded in an impenetrable, germ-free bubble, a new study bursts that illusion. R esearchers at Organization of Medicine and Germs (OMG) recently discovered kids spending only 15 minutes in a public sandbox equals the same immunologic load as 7500 vaccines.

5094810 - the boy and the girl play a sandbox
Rusty nails, hobo’s vomit, and dog poo

Parents refusing vaccines often cite fears of overwhelming their child’s immune system with multiple vaccines, despite evidence to the contrary.  Scientists emphasize “If parents are legitimately concerned about exposing their children to excessive antigens, this new research suggests they should avoid sandboxes entirely.  And public libraries, trains, and gluten-free yoga studios.  But parents should also be particularly apprehensive exposing their infants to the largest immunologist burden, equaling 7.5 million vaccines: vaginal delivery.”

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