What Medical Moms Really Want This Mother’s Day

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All I want is to pee in silence
All I want is to pee in silence and someone else to clean up this mess

We recently met with a few medical moms and compiled a list of what they really want this year:

  1. A pager that never rings
  2. Patients that are compliant
  3. Children that play quietly while talking to above patient
  4. Call lights that have lockout intervals
  5. Self-ambulatory patients
  6. To pee (in silence)
  7. To shower (in peace)
  8. Sleep in… until 6:25 AM
  9. Not deal with blood, snot, boogers, poop, pee, or vomit that is not her own
  10. A home-cooked meal that she had no part of… Heck she’d even settle for McDonald’s!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Gomer Moms out there.  We appreciate everything you do for your patients daily all while juggling a family and looking like a Rockstar!

  • internballhorts

    Unavailable for comment due to strenuous hours of fetching water and pens, ensuring the coffee is hot, and examining the occasional cadaver; it is rumored that writing for Gomer may be the closest internballhorts will ever be to practicing medicine.

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