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Area Man Falls on Fidget Spinner, Amazingly Still Spinning

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SOMEWHERE IN THE SOUTH – Presenting to the local emergency room with a chief complaint of “feels spinning,” area man Harry Hole underwent extensive evaluation before the correct diagnosis was secured: he “fell” on a fidget spinner and it was, amazingly, still spinning.

fidget spinner
“It’s still spinnin….”

Hole reports the incident occurred while he was home alone, checking out the fidget spinner his nephew left behind.  “Well, I have ADHD, and I heard these things can really help!  So I started spinning it.  And spinning it some more.  And then I put it still spinning on that chair, and I must have tripped, fallen on it, and gotten it lodged in my bottom!  It must be a miracle that it’s still spinnin’!”

ED doctor, Emily Turf, tells the Gomerblog team, “The key to the diagnosis was the CT scan immediately upon arrival, followed by a KUB to confirm.  And then an MRI scan, which really caused that fidget spinner to spin!  Man, my job is fun!”

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