Pregnant Woman No Idea How Many Babies She’s Carrying, Glad You Asked

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CHICAGO, IL – Laura Grace Ample, a 36-year-old busy expectant mother, is so relieved by everyone asking her how many babies she is carrying because she completely forgot to ask.  Already mother of two beautiful children, Ample didn’t think to inquire during her visits, various measurements, ultrasounds, or exams how many babies she is having.  She naively assumed just one, but by the oohs and ahhs of onlookers, she now can’t quite be sure.

how many babies in there
“How many babies are in there?”

“Several times daily, someone is kind enough to ask ‘Damn!  How many babies are in there?’ or ‘Wow!  You can’t just be carrying one!’  It’s so thoughtful of people to be looking out for my well being,” Ample tells the Gomerblog team.  She also really appreciates when strangers touch her belly to get a better assessment.

Other popular questions she has happily answered include “So, when are you due?” and “You’re having another?  Already?  You can barely handle the two you have!”

Ample isn’t sure how many babies she is carrying, but assumes they will be similar in size to her prior 11-lb children.  “I don’t care how many babies I’m having, just as long as they love Unicorn Frappuccinos as much as I do!”

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