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Who is he checking out, and what’s so great about that other girl?  We’ve got some ideas.  Remember to follow us on Twitter @GomerBlog and on Instagram @gomerblog for more great memes and links.

What can be more cool than broken bones?  Peds with wailing babies doesn’t even stand a chance


Cardiologists, looking for the next bare metal stent x2 or even x3

Tylenol?  Seriously?  No, if I’m in 12/10 pain I only want the good stuff


Is there an operation going on now?  I thought I was in a Sudoku tournament


Sorry, back bones and muscles rarely interest me especially compared to bones sticking out of skin


Lady Docs, always getting the short end


Deep down we all know many times it is the wiser choice, but the patient’s 3rd cousin once removed thinks otherwise because the patient is “a fighter”

The hunt of finding paperwork and study reports was part of the thrill back in the day


Don’t look over the blue drapes!  Once you do, you’ll never go back


Viruses love them some Z-packs!  It’s like candy to them


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