NASA Recruits GI Doc to Probe Uranus in Search of Gas

WASHINGTON, D.C. – NASA scientists recently announced plans to explore Uranus by 2030, and need some extra hands to do so. Gastroenterologist, Dr. Anna Ora Fiss, is just the one to help. “As we already know, Uranus is full of various solids and gases, surrounded by rings and moons. But we need to probe further, push through boundaries, and dig deeper unto Uranus,” she tells the GomerBlog team while said writer cannot stop giggling.

Just hold still, Uranus. This won’t hurt a bit!

For years NASA has relied on astronomers to unlock the mysteries of Uranus. But after Robert Lightfoot Jr., NASA’s acting Administrator, underwent a recent colonoscopy a lightbulb (he accidentally “fell” on) went off! “No one knows more about probing and pushing through the darkness to make shocking discoveries than a gastroenterologist. I realized that’s what Uranus needed–exploration by a specialist.”

Dr. Anna Ora Fiss is thrilled for this new opportunity as a Uranus explorer, although her 8 year old son is the most excited shouting to all his friends “My mom gets to probe Uranus in search of gas!”