naptime for medical residents

Residency Program Renames Grand Rounds To Department Nap Time

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Londonderry, NH – The residency director at Southern New Hampshire University Department of Otolaryngology announced today that from now on, Grand Rounds will now be known as Department Nap Time. Residency director Amy Gore, MD (and graduate of the program), was responsible for the change.

naptime for medical residents“Honestly, what is more boring than grand rounds? There’s crappy coffee, sad pastries, and a sign in sheet which hasn’t been updated since the late 1980s. Then we drag all the attendings, residents, and med students in and put them in a dark room. Nobody ever gets anything out of these lectures anyway. Who wouldn’t take a nap? Why not just call this outdated ritual what it actually is?”

The move is also likely a response to ongoing resident complaints about the rigors of training and the lack of sleep. Dr. Gore has laid out an ambitious plan to have hot cocoa available instead of coffee, cots, and personalized departmental onesies and throw blankets issued to each resident and attending (med students will have to bring their own).

Residents themselves are extremely welcoming of the change. One resident who wished to remain anonymous had this to say:

“It takes guts to do what Dr. Gore is doing. It’s a dirty little secret across all grand rounds in most departments. 100% of the residents fall asleep during those things anyway because it’s the only time we actually get to sit down, although I’ve perfected falling asleep standing up, like a horse.”

But won’t the ACGME have something to say about this? Dr. Gore is unfazed.

“I mean, we’ll still lectures so we can bill it as educational experience, but get ready for six straight months of talks about ear wax and otology.”

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