White Coat Investor Doesn’t Actually Wear a White Coat While Investing

OGDEN, UT – Dr. Jim Dahle has made a second career for himself “helping doctors stop doing dumb things with their money.” He’s successfully trademarked the phrase “White Coat Investor” all while keeping his dirty little secret hidden. 

Dr. Dahle does not wear a white coat while investing. He buys Vanguard index funds while in pajamas, gym gear, board shorts while on his wakeboat, and probably even while sitting on the porcelain throne.

“White coat” investor in his actual investing garb

But he NEVER wears a white coat while investing. He’s worn a ski jacket, he’s worn a sport coat, he’s even worn a three-piece suit while investing yet not even once has he invested while wearing a white coat. 

When asked about his blatantly misleading pseudonym, Dr. Dahle was unapologetic. “I don’t wear a white coat when I work shifts in the ER, why the heck would I wear one at home while investing? That makes as much sense as splitting your retirement portfolio between bitcoin, actively managed mutual funds with 7% expense ratios and tulip bulbs!”

“Ok, but you do call yourself and market yourself as “the White Coat Investor” don’t you feel at least a little bit guilty?”

“Sure, maybe a little bit during the first few years after training while I was living like a resident I may have felt a little bit guilty. But when you’re throwing everything you have at paying off student debt, you can’t afford fancy coats especially white ones and the constant laundering.”

“You want to know the real dirty secret in the Physician finance blogosphere? The so called “Physician on FIRE” is not actually burning nor has he ever sustained a burn of more than 1% total surface area! Go interrogate him!”