A Thanksgiving Warning

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Thanksgiving Day is nearing

And the glutton in all of us is cheering.

But while you gorge yourself on that turkey

Your ENT has just one small little plea!

Chew your food and watch for the stray bone!

Otherwise the ambulance you may have to phone.

A trip to the ER will ruin your day

And the hospital will make you pay.

The ER doc will scrunch up his eyes

“CT neck or plain films??” he will agonize.

He’ll listen for any sort of wheezing

The presence of which would be quite uneasing.

The radiologist will hunt for that bony opacity

With vim and vigor, and great tenacity

And show her colleagues your big gaffe.

They will all heartily laugh.

Anesthesia will worry about the airway

But really they’re upset about missing their buffet.

“Oh wait it’s in the esophagus?

Back to the crossword for us!”

A laryngoscope shoved down the throat

Will likely be an antidote.

However, the ENT will be bemoaning

This completely unnecessary deboning!

And for you? You’ll be nauseous

And in the future hopefully more cautious.

A trip to the OR is no pleasure cruise.

The pain will hurt much more than any sort of bruise.

So Happy Thanksgiving from this ENT to you.

In humble supplication, don’t make me blue!

Please, please, please! Chew your food!

And keep us, one and all, in the holiday mood.

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