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If your company or organization is interested in advertising on you have come to the right spot.  Why would you want to advertise on a medical satire website?  Here’s why:

  • GomerBlog is written and visited by Physicians, Medical Residents, Physician Assistants, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Medical students, Nursing students, and really all healthcare providers.
  • Our site averages between 1.5 – 3 million pageviews a month from over a million unique visitors a month (See Analytics Data below)
  • 75% of our visitors use Mobile phones which will continue to see growth as an advertising platform in the future.
  • 87% of our fans are from the United States.  Canada, UK, and Australia make up a majority of the other 10%
  • We carry over 125,000 Facebook fans, 8,000 Twitter followers, and have email lists of over 19,000.  Some of our articles have amassed over 600,000 shares with numerous articles reaching over 100,000 shares on social media.
  • We routinely produce 1-2 fresh articles a day, keeping our site updated constantly
  • Our Alexa ranking fluctuates mostly between 13-17K for US rankings on
  • A Twitter Poll showed 58% of respondents who visited our site from Twitter were Physicians or Physician Assistants, 28% were Nurses or nurse Practitioners, and 24% were other professions
  • Just ask anyone working in Healthcare if they know about GomerBlog and the answer will likely be a resounding “YES”!
  • Don’t know what Gomer stands for? It’s a medical inside joke with us sticking to our roots.  Got to be in healthcare to really understand it!


We are excited to offer direct advertising opportunities.  We have a premium, above the fold 300 x 250 and 300 x 100 ad position on our post pages available for monthly sponsorships. This ad position will appear on all desktop and tablet devices.

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We are also advertising with Adprime Health for premium above the fold ad positions specifically targeting healthcare and pharmaceutical companies.   If your company is interested in specific healthcare campaigns, please visit Adprime.

Please contact us with any questions or advertising inquiries below.

Thank you!

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