Nursing Student Spots Amazing Veins in New ‘300’ Movie

DAYTON, OH – Rachel Quentin, a nursing student, has a different view on life now that she is several years into her BSN.  Here she describes a recent visit to her local movie theatre to see the new 300: Rise of an Empire.

“Ok, I have to confess, I got distracted bigtime,” Quentin professed in an energetic voice.  “I couldn’t even keep my mind on the plot and could only think about sinking a 14-gauge IV in those Persian warriors.”

“Hand, wrist, forearm, antecubital, and even external jugulars… there are so many amazing options in these guys.  Why can’t we ever get trauma patients like them!?” said Quentin.  “I wish I was a nurse in ancient Greece!”

She continued an an almost euphoric state, “Their veins were like, ahhh I wanted to tap them so bad.”

Other odd questions that entered Quentin’s head during the movie included “What size Foley would they need?” and “Do I have a blood pressure cuff big enough for their arms?”  At one point in the movie when a fighter was slashed near the neck, she found herself trying to figure out if it was a carotid artery bleeding or an internal jugular vein bleeding.

Completing full circle, she wanted to jump on screen to apply pressure dressings and tourniquets to extremities and even envisioned herself sticking that 14-gauge IV in him and hooking up the Belmont rapid transfuser.

“Nursing school has really changed my life,” said Quentin.  “300: Rise of an Empire got me all excited, but for completely NEW reasons now!”

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