Anesthesiologist Cancels Case After Hearing Patient is ‘Gassy’

CHARLOTTE, NC – OR 4 at Mercy Hospital was moving “ahead of schedule” according to charge nurse Diane Cingler.  “Turns out we are getting out of here even sooner!”  The surgeon was disappointed he would be unable to perform his local/MAC carpel tunnel procedure.

“It was just going to be a little local at the site; the patient didn’t even need sedation,” Dr. Sasson said.

“It’s just too dangerous for a gassy patient to be in the OR.  You’re risking a dutch oven with those surgical drapes.  I don’t want that, the patient doesn’t want that, nobody wants that,” the anesthesiologist responded as he was lacing up his golf shoes in the parking lot.

“Methane airway fires are a real thing, especially during a MAC case.  I’m not taking that ri… Did you see that tee shot?!  WOW!!!”