Thursday, October 15, 2020


Nurses Excited to Make Their Own PPE

A national shortage of personal protective equipment or PPE is forcing nurses to get creative. "I'm so happy to live in a country where...
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Exhausted RN to Go Home with Home Health Services

FORT MYERS, FL - Deconditioned, weak, and perpetually hypoglycemic from such a prolonged hospital shift, exhausted RN Catherine Weal will be sent home with home health services. "It was...

Nurse Entering Thirty-Sixth Hour Trapped in Med Room Trying to Return Med to Pyxis

An on-going watch continues at Northshore Memorial Hospital as Tracy Smith, RN, is stuck at the pyxis trying to return an extra dose of oxycodone she took out by accident. Direct sources (nurses who tried...
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Eco-Unfriendly Plastic Urinary Catheters Banned, Replaced by Paper Ones

SEATTLE, WA—Following the successful mission to replace hazardous plastic straws with paper ones, environmentalists are now targeting plastic urinary catheters, hoping to swap them out for paper catheters. The push to ban the dangerous plastic...

Nurse Ratched Unretires to Become Preschool Nurse

SALEM, OR—Nurse Ratched, the villainous nurse from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest has come out of retirement to become the new nurse at Randle McMurphy Preschool in Salem, Oregon. It is unclear why...
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Nurse Wins Postnomial Abbreviation Pokémon, Catches ‘em All!

El Cajon, CA- When Denise Spense RN, BSN, MSN, FNP, DNP, MHNP, PNP, BLS, ACLS, PALS, ATLS, OCCN, CCRN, MBA, MPH, MHA, LPN, CRNA, GED, BFD, JK, LOL was a freshman in...

New Hospital Beds Harder to Figure Out Than Acid-Base

NASHVILLE, TN - Medical staff at Nashville Memorial Hospital are completely baffled by a new fleet of hospital beds on Unit 55-G, saying that it's without question easier to solve an acid-base...
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Review: Lesser-Known Types of Enemas

Constipation is prevalent in hospitalized patients. Systematic reviews have shown that 99.7% of patients are constipated from prolonged bedrest or medication side effects, while 99.6% of health care professionals are constipated...

Aging Nurse Frantically Searching Hospital for Lawsuit to Fall On

Boston, MA- Belinda Fonzarelli has spent the last 38 years working as a nurse in the greater Boston area. She’s wiped butts, pushed meds and lifted patients twice her body weight more...
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Patient Formally Diagnosed as Acute on Chronic Hot Mess

SANTA FE, NM - After a battery of laboratory tests, radiographic imaging, and subspecialty consultations, a team of health care professionals has formally diagnosed their medically complex patient as an acute on...