Move over Pain Score….the Crazy Score is Here!

Given the overarching success of the Pain score leading to the opoid crisis, The ...


EHR to Replace Pop-Ups with Clickbait

The days of clicking through multiple dialog boxes appear to be numbered for healthcare ...


Pathologist Report Autopsy as “Insufficient Tissue”

Critical care physician Dr. Michael Bergstein of Fairfield County Regional Hospital in Connecticut was ...

Orthopaedic Surgeon Pays $400,000 to Prevent Son From Matching Into Ophthalmology Residency

Boston, MA- Inspired by the recent college admissions cheating scandal, local Orthopaedic Surgeon Brock ...

DIY furniture assembly stress test validated in landmark trial

Perth, Western Australia Researchers at the Outback University Hospital have presented data from their ...

“Drama Surgery” Officially Listed as New Specialty by ACGME

This fall, fourth-year medical students everywhere are able to apply to a ‘woke’ new ...

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