Big Bad Wolf

Wolf Huffs and He Puffs and He Blows Anesthesia’s Drapes Down

LONDON, ENGLAND – A confrontation has broken out between the Big Bad Wolf and ...

cocaine enthusiasm

Med Student Attributes Wide-Eyed Enthusiasm to Cocaine Use

NEW YORK, NY – Internal medicine attending Lauren Stevens was really impressed with her ...

routine blood work urine A-fib B-minus

Not Impressed: Cards Downgrades A-Fib to B-Minus

BIRMINGHAM, AL – Completely unimpressed by his patient’s routine ECG this morning, cardiologist Paul ...

colonic mudslide

Manual Disimpaction Gone Awry: Med Student Buried in Colonic Mudslide

PHOENIX, AZ – A frantic search and rescue is underway after third-year medical student ...

Landmark Study: Fortnite Superior to Dilaudid in Teenage Males

POUGHKEEPSIE, NY – A groundbreaking new study conducted by CHOP (Children’s Hospital of Poughkeepsie) ...

Impassable EMR Alert Demands Flu Shot For Deceased Patient

A best practice alert, recently programmed by a highly competent collaboration between non-clinical quality ...


Unable to Fix Office Thermostat, Neurosurgeon Removes Own Hypothalamus

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Talk to any health care professional and they’ll tell you that ...

Intern Accused of Being a Poster Whore

OMAHA, NE – Ellis Simmons, intern in the Medicine-Pediatrics (Med-Peds) program, was discovered to ...

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