Wednesday, June 23, 2021


Physician on FIRE not allowed in OR, deemed too much of a fire risk

St. Peter, MN - Physician on FIRE, an anesthesiologist and financial blogger, recently hit the magical goal of Financial Independence and Retire Early (FIRE) in his mid 40s. Once he achieved 'FIRE status' JACHO...
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COVID-19: Anesthesia Amazed They Haven’t Been Blamed for Any of This

SCHAUMBURG, IL - Pandemic coronavirus, COVID-19. Hundreds of thousands infected. Sports suspended. Nations on lockdown. Social distancing. Markets crashing. And it's only just begun. Yet...
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Local Hospital To Pilot Drive-Thru Intubation Clinic In Response to COVID-19 Spread

GREENEVILLE, TN - St. Indignant’s Health Care System has announced a new partnership with the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services to pilot an innovative drive-thru intubation clinic in the parking lot of...
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Everyone in the Hospital Knew Anesthesia’s Real Name All Along

With the COVID-19 outbreak, health systems worldwide are coming up with plans to maximize their resources in the face of this pandemic. With COVID-19 suspected of being droplet spread and the possibility of patients...

COVID-19: U.S. Surgeon General Caught Hoarding All of Nation’s Masks

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Just two weeks after he wisely tweeted "Serious people- STOP BUYING MASKS!" in an effort to prevent a shortage of masks for health care professionals on the front line...

COVID-19: Self-Quarantined Anesthesiologist Running Dangerously Low on Sudoku Supplies

BIRMINGHAM, AL - An area anesthesiologist who is currently 3 days into his 14-day self-imposed quarantine behind a drape fort is unusually anxious and on edge as he is facing the stark...

That’s So Mean: Hospital Kitchen Sends NPO Patients Empty Tray

North Portland, Oregon—The defiance of an NPO order, whether intentional or accidental, may have profound consequences, including worsening of symptoms and delay of surgical procedures. In many of theses cases, the patients simply had...
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Surgeons shocked to learn anesthesiologists have actual names

The plenary session of the annual American College of Surgeons meeting was brought to a standstill last Saturday when the keynote speaker, Dr. Davinci, said that he had determined “to a high degree of...

Local Man Regrets Reading Robin Cook’s Coma Right Before Surgery

**SPOILER ALERT: Reader beware! This post may reveal key plot details of Coma, a novel that has been out for a mere 42 years. We sincerely apologize for the much-too-soon spoilers. BOSTON, MA—As operating room...

Jesus Christ Himself Scheduled to Perform Miracle, Patient Furious with being NPO

Mr. Jacobs’ primary team was thrilled when their hospital operator was finally able to get through to Jesus Christ regarding the miracle they were hoping to have performed on Friday. The patient was in...