Nursing Student

Nursing student satire

wound care don't care

The Truth Comes Out: Wound Care Team Actually Doesn’t Care About Wound

MOUNT LAUREL, NJ – Brace yourselves, a long-assumed notion once held about a certain ...

nurses station

Study Finds No Nurses Station Exists With 1:1 Ratio of Computers to Chairs

BOSTON, MA – A landmark study published in the Just-Like-New England Journal of Medicine ...

code doorframe

RN Shocked Code Isn’t Etched Somewhere on Door, Doorframe

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Confronted with a locked door with an electronic keypad, a nurse ...


Sign Out: Patient Just Needs a Little TLC

ATLANTA, GA – A patient is transferring out of the medical intensive care unit ...

ACTH stim test serum cortisol

New ACTH Stim Test Measures Serum Cortisol Every Minute

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today new guidelines released by the Endocrine Society (ES) encourage modification ...