Errant Drug Rep Brings Fava Bean Salad to G6PD Conference

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Delicious fava bean salad!
Delicious fava bean salad!

SAN DIEGO, CA – The 23rd annual G6PD-Deficiency Awareness Conference kicked off yesterday at the conference center downtown.  Over 10,000 people from across the world afflicted with the disease were in attendance for the event.

Chaos erupted several hours later at the drug-sponsored luncheon when an unidentified drug representative accidentally provided a salad packed full of delicious fava beans.

Over 5,000 people with G6PD deficiency had unknowingly eaten the “delicious” salad before the ingredients were discovered.  Hemolytic crisis ensued in many and anarchy erupted as the drug rep was last seen running for his life out the side door.

“I cant wait to get my hands around that drug rep’s neck.  The nerve to bring fava bean salad to our G6PD awareness conference!  But damn, it was a good salad though…” says local participant Chuck Williamson.  “I might ask for the recipe and substitute the fava beans next time.”


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