YONKERS, NY – 27-year-old Emily Follingsworth was charged with polygamy yesterday in Yonkers, NY, days after her second wedding.  Follingsworth, a spouse of a fifth-year neurosurgical resident, could not believe what she had done.

surgical spose arrested“I had completely forgotten that I was previously married!” said Follingsworth.  At first glance, most thought that she had just divorced Dr. Greg Follingsworth, but after digging deeper, the story became very different.

“Seriously, I had no recollection of having a husband until the cops pulled me over days after our honeymoon,” said Follingsworth.  Things started to click when she was shown a picture of her first husband.  “I can’t believe I forgot about being married to him.  I hadn’t seen him in years.  I just thought we were friends on Facebook that hadn’t seen each other in a while.”

Follingsworth’s second groom, a dermatology resident, was equally as shocked as he also had no idea that Emily was married already.  “Wow, I usually saw Emily everyday after my dermatology clinic ended at 3 PM, well, most of the time at 2 PM, depending on any inpatient consults which were really, really rare.”

Dr. Follingsworth could not be reached for comment as he was scrubbed in on an 18-hour craniotomy, with 13 consults awaiting him, and 53 patients still to round on in the evening.