All Caught Up with Game of Thrones, Local Man Finally Decides He Should Get This Looked At

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ROANOKE, VA – Upon finishing, Game of Thrones Season 3 at 2 AM, local man Charles Cerioli decided it would be a good time to visit St. Joe’s Emergency Room.  “I was sitting there on my couch watching the credits thinking, well I got nothing to do now, maybe I should get this looked at.”

Frank Blood


Mr. Cerioli was referring to a “rash” on his right foot which had been present for about two to three weeks.  “It’s really been bothering me for a couple weeks now,” said Charles.  “I was wide awake from Game of Thrones ending and I thought I should get this looked at.  What an ending!”

Charles hasn’t had the opportunity to schedule a regular office appointment between catching up with Game of Thrones and True Blood.  His new subscription to HBO has really put his life on hold.

“Rash” diagnosed as gout flare.  Charles responded, “Oh, gout flare?  Yeah, I get those all the time.  Well, see you guys after Season 4 is over!”

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