Queen Elizabeth Gets IUD Removed, Ready to Have Another Royal Baby


LONDON, ENGLAND – Sources close to the Queen of England, Elizabeth II, say the Queen is ready to have another royal baby.  She has already had her intrauterine device (IUD), a very effect form of birth control, removed.  Two royal babies so close together is something the world hasn’t seen since the Middle Ages when the famous Irish twins were actually English.  This news is starting to get the country, obsessed with royal babies, once again excited.

John Gillingham, a local trader in London, was very excited about the news and said he hopes it is a girl.  “It would be nice to have another powerful woman behind the crown again.”

You Could Say She's 'Glowing'
You Could Say She’s ‘Glowing’

According to reliable sources, during Kate Middleton’s pregnancy, Queen Elizabeth would get very worried about the safety of the child and worry about “invaders from Essos.”  The decision occurred when the Queen was watching Game of Thrones and realized that Kate and William’s future monarch baby wasn’t safe from the Kaiser across the sea.

Aids close to the Queen relayed her concern with the growing amount of Czars she hears about coming from the ‘New World’ and their threat to her family’s grasp on the throne.  The constitutional monarch called her OB-GYN and had her IUD removed.

“I remember how great it was to give birth to my four children.  I want to do it again.”  Sources claim the Queen continued to talk about the safety of the unborn child during the entire pregnancy.  “Now that the baby is here the Queen is sleeping better, she would still like to have another baby just as an insurance policy against a dragon attack,” a eunuch close to the Queen, who wishes to remain anonymous, told reporters.

Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, was excited for the ‘trying part.’ Doctors have recommended pads and monitors be hooked up to the Prince for the activities, with a code cart placed in the room.