Medical Student’s Artwork Accepted to Netter Gross Anatomy Book, Disappointment Ensues

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The Holy Grail fro Gross Anatomy
The Holy Grail for Gross Anatomy

TULSA, OK – 24-year-old medical student, Jeremy Stevenson has been an aspiring artist at heart.  Finally he was able to combine his love for artwork and medicine by drawing out a fabulous picture of neck anatomy.

“I was so excited to submit my artwork of neck anatomy to Netter’s,” said Stevenson.  “At first, I thought there would be no way that they would accept it.  But they did!”

Netters did accept Stevenson’s amazing picture displaying anatomy of the neck.  What they didn’t tell Stevenson is that his picture was included in the “extremely rare variation” anatomy pages in the book.  Apparently Stevenson had drawn the internal carotid and internal jugular way out of proportion to their usual location.

Netters responded to our article.  “The artwork was just fantastic, one that resembled Dr. Netter’s!  We just couldn’t turn down this divine piece of work in our upcoming new edition.  When you see it released, your soul will shed a tear of joy.  Unfortunately, if you know anatomy, or are trying to learn anatomy, it’s not very helpful,” Netter’s editor said in a written statement to GomerBlog.

“We decided to just make up an ‘extremely rare variation’ page next to the correct anatomical page.  Who’s going to challenge us?  We are Netter’s.”

Stevenson was crushed to hear the updated news.  Other students started to make fun of him and his gross anatomy teacher even called him back for remediation since he obviously didn’t know his anatomy.

“Our university will not be known as the ‘extremely rare variation’ medical school,” said Dr. Brooks Murphy, Dean of Tulsa School of Medicine.  “Mr. Stevenson is being remediated as we speak.  No more art for him.”


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