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FDA Approves Afternoon-After Pill

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afternoon after
Who’s getting up early after a wild night?

INTERCOURSE, PA – “Let’s face it: no one is getting up in the morning after an accident,” said a representative from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) late last night.

The FDA recently waived the need for a New Drug Application (NDA) for Plan Deal-With-It-Later (wheneverorgestrel), manufactured by Pfarmaceuticals, Inc.  The drug is gaining popularity as the “Afternoon-After Pill.”

“Technically, you have 72 hours after birth-control failure or unprotected sex to take the morning-after pill,” said a representative from Pfarmaceuticals, Inc.  “But we wanted to market the pill in a way that says, ‘Crap happens.  You’ll get around to it at some point.’  We’re also considering a Day-After-Tomorrow pill.”

“Our ad agency already has a tagline for Plan Deal-With-It-Later,” continued the representative. “Deal with it now… later.”

“We live in a fast-paced world.  We have to go to buy stamps, nurse hangovers, go on a YouTube binge of subway fights.  There may be patients who simply don’t have the time for ‘mornings after.’  And now they don’t have to,” said the representative from Pfarmaceuticals, Inc.  “People should cherish their brunches; nothing should get in the way of a good mimosa.”

Plan Deal-With-It-Later is expected to launch soon.  Pfarmaceuticals, Inc. says that there is a more immediate need to submit an Investigational New Drug (IND) application for the “Night-Of Chemical Vasectomy.”


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