KNOXVILLE, TN – General surgeon Dr. Hendrick Knightsville is being credited with quite an acting performance in operating room 7.  Dr. Knightsville took a 24-year-old patient to surgery for suspected appendicitis.

surgeryDuring the appendectomy it was clearly visualized that the appendix was completely normal looking without any signs of inflammation.  This unequivocal finding didn’t stop Dr. Knightsville from putting on quite a “dog and pony show.”

“Wow, that appendix really needed to come out!” proclaimed Knightsville.  “Look at how red and inflamed that sucker looks.  Talk about ole faithful, looks like it is about to burst.”

Bystanders in the OR just didn’t buy it, but that didn’t seem to stop Knightsville from continuing his performance.  “Two more hours and she would have shot out like a oil rig.  Good thing we went in to get it.”

Of course the pathology report came back two days later as stone cold normal, but that still didn’t deter Knightsville.  “Pathologists just don’t understand clinical medicine.  That appendix was infected!”

The patient reportedly came back to the ER 7 days later with the exact same right sided abdominal pain.  She was subsequently diagnosed with endometriosis.  Knightsville, still in character, said, “Wow I didn’t realize endometriosis could develop so quickly.  Good thing I took out that appendix earlier.  That probably helped the GYNs diagnose this new pain.”

As Dr. Knightsville was walking away, a nurse noticed that his shoes were untied.  “Hmmm maybe we should let the credentials committee know about this.”