Breaking: Medical Student Cuts Surgical Knot Too Short

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You're a medical student? Oh, that is waaaay too short!
You’re a medical student?  Oh, that is waaaay too short!

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Medical student Dan Richards was disciplined Thursday for cutting a surgical knot “too short” during a skin closure.

“The surgeon told me to cut the knot, but not on the knot.  He said to get right next to the knot itself,” said Richards.  After it was cut the surgeon burst out in anger, “That’s too short!  A little longer [please].”

The knot in question didn’t have to be replaced and when careful analysis was completed post operatively by a third party, comparing the resident’s knot cut with the medical student’s, the main difference was the medical student is not a doctor.

“Dan, what do you want to go into?” his resident asked him.

As every medical student answers this question during their M3 rotation, is the service that they are on. “Probably Surgery,” he responded.

“Okay, give it another go,” his attending said.  Luckily for Dan he was awarded a second try.  “Too LONG!  That’s just too long.”

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    Good MediScene

    can only be too short or too long

  • gomerblog

    ha! Not until I was in anesthesia did I catch on to this game

  • Avatar
    James P Phillips

    Then the next surgeon told him the same thing was “too long.”

  • Avatar
    Cara Ford

    Who hasn’t heard that! Haha!

  • Avatar
    Tony Lighterness

    Did you see this William? Don’t cut it too short!! ;D

  • Avatar
    Harold Arthur Fowler

    status Gomerblog emang tempat nongkrong komentarku. hihi

  • Avatar
    Jamey Smith

    Surgeons are the worst kind of people.

  • Avatar
    James E. Andrews II

    I love the photo with the ungloved hand holding the sterile instruments over a sterile field.

  • Avatar
    Michael Jerome

    I think this is just stupid…it’s hazing but it won’t change Bc pathetic people need to make other people feel inferior to get their rocks off…hey I’m medicine what do I know…

  • Avatar
    Rakesh Ramakrishnan

    I think you miraculously find the sweet spot once you are no longer an intern…

  • Avatar

    The sweet spot is most likely between two specific atoms

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    Jonathan Schneider

    When I was rotating on surgery, every time I cut the sutures on a knot, it was always too long or too short. After about 6 episodes of failure, I asked the attending, “We both know I will screw up, you want me to cut it too short or too long?”

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    Skeptical Scalpel

    I once had a student ask me, “How do you want the knots cut, too long or too short?”

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