Reason For ICD-10 Delay: Missing Critical Section on Injuries Due to ICD-10

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WASHINGTON, DC – While preparing for the introduction of ICD-10 in the US, physicians dealing with workers’ compensation realized that there was a huge section that was either neglected or purposely left out of the new coding system.

“How could we forget ICD-10 injuries?”

In a catalog that differentiates bitten by turtle (W1925XA), struck by turtle (W5922XA), and other contact with turtle (W5929XA, which may or may not include falling onto a fully-lubed turtle while naked), and bitten by orca (W5621XA), one would think that encounters with a 327-lb. coding book would be included.

When contacted about this glaringly obvious omission, Mr. Michael Josephs of CMS issued the order to delay implementation of the new codes.  He then retired immediately to a conference room, called in some high-school students who were smoking weed behind the gym, ordered pizza and nachos, and has not been heard from since.  However, a GomerBlog employee was able to get an advance copy of the chapter in progress, currently at 42 pages and growing.  An ICD-10 delay was imminent when these omissions were brought to light:

  • Q9735HAHA – tripped over ICD-10 in hallway
  • Q9734HAHA – IDC-10 fell from top shelf onto head
  • Q9737HAHA – wrist strain from flipping through ICD-10 to search for code
  • Q9742HAHA – starved to death while searching for code in ICD-10

and the mental health corollaries:

  • Z9932IH8U – pulled out eyelashes while searching for code in ICD-10
  • Z9934IH8U – gouged out eyes while searching for code in ICD-10
  • Z9945IH8U – hanged self while searching for code in ICD-10
  • Z9947IH8U – stabbed self in the neck while searching for code in ICD-10

At press time, a large delivery of cheese curls was being delivered to the conference room, and we do not expect the creative code developers to finish their task any time soon.  Intoxication from eating too many cheese curls was also being tossed around as another coding diagnosis at the conference.

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    Tresa Almy-Albert

    Hilarious!! Lee Albert

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    James R. McCarty

    Rumor has it that, in the contest for most ridiculous ICD-10 code, “burn sustained from water skis on fire” has been supplanted by “fear of the Easter Bunny.”

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    Kristen Stuppy, MD


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    Harold Arthur Fowler

    ga kan necewain deh, like this dan komen hadir selalu Gomerblog

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