Pharmacists playing poker

Hidden Camera in VA Pharmacy Shows Pharmacists Playing Poker Instead of Dispensing Drugs

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HARTFORD, CT – Recent video footage of workers at Parkland VA Hospital’s pharmacy playing poker has surfaced and is now “going viral.”  The hidden camera in the back of the pharmacy caught 6 pharmacists and pharmacy technicians playing a game of Texas Hold’em poker.

Pharmacists playing poker
So that’s why it was taking so long

The footage shows workers playing poker around one of the tables and using pills as chips. According to sources schedule IV pills were worth “fifty cents” and schedule II, like Percocet, were $20 a pill.  A pharmacist that wishes to remain anonymous told us that “patients would only get served when someone went out.”

“I knew something was up,” said retired 1st Sergeant Donald Rivertons, a patient who had been waiting for 1.5 hours at the pharmacy to pick up a Claritin prescription for his allergic rhinitis.  “I mean, how can it possibly take this LONG to get medications?”

“I am furious,” steamed another patient who had been waiting over 2 hours just to pick up a Z-pak for his bronchitis.  “The damn Z-pack comes in a package.  There is nothing to count!  Pick it up, throw it in a bag and give it to me.  Done!”

GomerBlog then showed the patient the video that had surfaced showing the workers playing poker in the back while he sat patiently waiting for his number to be called.  Before completely losing it and nearly having a transient ischemic attack, GomerBlog reporters handed him a spare Z-pack from their pocket and gently escorted him away from the pharmacy, as he mumbled in what sounded like tongues.

“We always knew waiting at the pharmacy was normal.  We just had no idea that the major cause was workers playing poker,” said hospital administrator Clarence Stillhorn.  “I guess this explains some of the delays.”

The workers are now on probation and refused to comment about the video.  Unfortunately this incident will add fuel to the fire in regards to the VA system’s recent “Waitlist” scandal.  It appears the “now serving A110” employees will be getting served some pink slips themselves, very shortly.

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