Radiologist texting

Radiology Reading Center Switching to Snapchat

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VALHALLA, NY – The Valhalla Nighthawk Radiology Group recently announced its new partnership with Snapchat, the popular photo messaging application, to place itself ahead in the increasingly competitive teleradiology social market.

Radiologist texting
“Another CT scan just came in, and it’s gone…”

“We believe this is going to change the paradigm of reading centers,” Chief Executive Officer Dr. Nick Bloomquist stated confidently during an exclusive interview.  With dwindling reimbursements and increasing competition by other radiology reading groups and nighthawk centers, the Valhalla Nighthawk Radiology Group is redefining its model of delivering imaging healthcare.

“All images captured will be directly sent to one our radiologist by phone, so you can really work from anywhere.”  Bloomquist continued, “Actually, to save overhead costs we’re closing our physical office, so you can work anywhere you’d like… just not here.”

“The images, in true Snapchat fashion, are available to our radiologists for 10 seconds after opening before being deleted from the servers.  The beauty is that there are no server storage costs.  The only cost we carry is the $10 million dollar licensing fee with Snapchat.  All you have to do is text your diagnosis back and wham-bam you’re done.  It’s really quite simple.  10 seconds per study, 60 minutes per hour,” Bloomquist pauses as he counts on his fingers, “that’s almost like 3000 studies you could do in a day!  Wham-bam.”

Bloomquist’s phone vibrates.  “Oh look, just got a CT scan of the chest.  Let’s see what we got here… looks like maybe pneumonia, maybe some opacification of the… oh, oh no.  It’s gone.  Well that one will definitely need clinical correlation.  Let me just text that back here…”  Bloomquist trails off into his phone.  “Now where was I?”

Bloomquist’s door suddenly opens, a head pops in.  “Hey Nick, you get my text?  Dancing gorillas, man, hilarious.  Gets me every time.”

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    Bradford McCrary :)

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    Gotta be quicker than aris!!!

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    Medical humor–those funny docs!

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    Brooke Short Raborn

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    Pooja Mehta lol

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    Susan Hobbs

    Yep, “clinical correlation advised”, putting the onus on us, is all that is really needed anyway!

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    Love this! Clinical correlation needed!

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    Awesome! I’m ready for the switch!

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