Should I become a nurse

Should I Become a Nurse?

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Should I become a nurse

  • Doktor Schnabel

    Plague doctor from 1622 who practices blood letting and medical satire. My beak has mint leaves and straw to protect myself from the it looks good.

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    They are NOT Paninni

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    Jen Tice

    Hahahaha Julie Kennedy, you will like this too, I think Brian Sullivan may as well

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    Denise Boswell

    They forgot “I enjoy taking orders from some little pukeface who was still peeing in his diaper while I was working a 50+ hour week.”

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    Kathryn Sowinski

    Alexis Pickens Fetner

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    Kathy Mccormick

    Thank you!

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    Jessica Jacklin-Howard

    Yep sounds about right… Signed a happy RN. I love this site!!!

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    Carmen Rasmussen

    Haley, Lauren :)

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    Chris Melcher

    Margie Watson…you might like this

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    Valere Bilichka

    Yep Wayne. Forensic nurse so you could film

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    Wayne McCormick

    Kathy Mccormick Stace Keiser Jessica Maher Rebecca Respress Valere Bilichka, guess I should be a nurse. Lmao. Yall are awesome though.

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    Chaney Jeffries Mayer


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    Patty Vadell Lou

    Should have consulted this flow chart first.

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    Cynthia Patterson

    Hahaha ! I knew I should’ve been a doctor

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    Abby Olivia Lessem

    Kara Mannion Clorinda Guerrero Christina Kouyoumdjian Kristin Gillingham

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    Melissa Babyak

    Mmmmm panni <3

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