Ebola quarantine chart

NY/NJ Ebola Algorithm for People with Recent Travel to Africa

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Ebola quarantine chart

* We truly appreciate you risking your life to treat dying people… just stay away from us. *

** Free to leave includes taking mass transportation and bowling. **

*** Please do not lie where you have traveled, pretty please, with a cherry on top.  We promise we will treat you well in quarantine. ***

  • Doktor Schnabel

    Plague doctor from 1622 who practices blood letting and medical satire. My beak has mint leaves and straw to protect myself from the plague...plus it looks good.

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    As a matter of fact, they are isolating all 3000 troops outside of the country.

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    Kristi Krause


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    Andrea A

    she would have been wise to mention she works for the CDC. :)

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    Manisha Patel


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    Jacqueline O’Grady

    Jennifer Daly Nicole Mills Pru Marshall

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    Brian Behn

    Local nurse wins 21 day camping trip using this one weird trick. Doctors hate her.

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    Donna Riley-Lein

    We have ED doc who has worked w/ Ebola out and about and a TV MD who breaks voluntary quarantine. And we are supposed to trust? Of course it is a nurse who pays.

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    Cyndi Haynes

    Y’all forgot, “check fever with the most unreliable method possible.” Just sayin’

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    Anita Niven

    Are they going to quarentine all the people who have looked after the NYC physician and the Dallas nurses as well? Might as well be consistent in their fears. Yes Irene, I think they did attend the university of paranoia, located right next to the college for dummies.

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    just added :) thanks!

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    Valella Jo West

    This is so true. Are we going to isolate all 3000 troops that are going over there? What about our ambassador who’s going to visit ? The hysteria is worse than what’s happening.

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    Allison Renk-Jones

    It is extremely eerie how entirely accurate this “satire” is. Lol.

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    Irene Rebello

    And get otherwise vilified for trying to get on with their lives after selflessly giving their time and resources to help others. When they have no symptoms.

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    Irene Rebello

    Sounds about right. And all you people who think volunteers should just put their lives on hold when THEY HAVE NO SYMPTOMS where did you get your infectious disease degrees? The university of paranoia?

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    Olivia Hatcher


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    Emily Desmet

    And to take at least one form of public transport

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    Joanie Sapienza

    Missed the step to go bowling!

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