I try to be a nurse

ZDoggMD: I Try

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Dr. Zubin Damania aka ZDoggMD is at it again with a fantastic parody of Macy Gray: “I Try (To Be A Nurse).”  If you enjoyed this video, you can find 100s more created by ZDoggMD himself at ZDoggMD or his Youtube video playlist HERE.


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    Wayne Christopher Lineberry Jr.

    Joan Beauchemin Thiesen ha ha ha

  • Avatar
    Kristyn Seed

    Casey Audrey

  • Avatar
    Keila Hernandez Townson

    Kristine Townson

  • Avatar
    Keila Hernandez Townson

    Kristine Townson

  • Avatar
    Amy Kimber

    Tina Matienzo Stiyer

  • Avatar

    love some parts of this, but part of me is offended by other stereotypes. Either way, docs can’t function without us!

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    Tess Smith

    Davina Nicholls Megan Sullivan :)

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    Stephanie Fonner

    great stuff!

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    Sandy Snyder Eccles

    Very funny, cute and oh so true to those who don’t have a clue of all the hard work done by nurses!!

  • Avatar
    Pamela Caudill

    Hahaha awesome

  • Avatar
    Lois Elizabeth Schultz

    Amber Venema

  • Avatar
    Linda Hale Goossen

    Deborah Hale Belasco :-)

  • Avatar
    Rebecca Higgs

    Steven Land if you haven’t seen this yet

  • Avatar
    Layla Jones

    Awwww! Cute!

  • Avatar
    Doug Cross

    Heidi Ulasik Cross

  • Avatar
    Debbie Merker Rubbo

    Marina Rubbo

  • Avatar
    Angie Montecino-Barco

    Hahah Ellen Bradford Jenny Lyn Canaria

  • Avatar
    Kathleen Bylsma


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    Tracy Wood

    The pumps beep continuously after 5 secs. STFU!!!!! I’m working on it!!!!

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    Dawn Bridges Mancuso


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    John Muthama

    Haha. Awesome. That dress is hideous though.

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    Jennifer Biber

    my favorite line is about getting the iv to stop beeping!

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    Maryann Udy

    Amber Kinnard

  • Avatar
    Vered Sobel

    Navah Piterman Bouet you should watch this!

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    Chris Cosper

    Did not realize as a nurse I should be dressing in drag. Darn, been doing it wrong.

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