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Malpractice Attorneys Without Borders Program Announced to Aid Legally Underserved Countries

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NEW YORK, NY – The National Legal Aid and Defender Association announced today the establishment of MMAWB (Medical Malpractice Attorneys Without Borders), a group whose mission statement includes “serving those individuals in impoverished areas of the world in which access to malpractice attorneys is low or non-existent.”

The new organization, who plans to follow groups like Dentists Without Borders and Doctors Without Borders, had the following announcement on their website:

“MMAWB will work tirelessly, by the hour, to provide legal assistance abroad to those who desperately need it.  We strive not solely to provide a patchwork, temporary legal outpost in underserved countries, but will aim to deliver continuity of legal care, establishing long-term, holistic litigious intervention.”

According to the announcement, the group’s aid-based council will come largely from “legal mission trips,” partly subsidized by the National Legal and Defender Association, which describes the tours as “an excellent opportunity for established attorneys to give back to those impoverished individuals around the globe in need of legal assistance, and an eye-opening experience for law students to see firsthand the true magnitude, and consequences, of [medical malpractice] attorney shortage outside of the U.S.”

When asked to comment on the new organization’s establishment, Medecins Sans Frontieres (or Doctor’s Without Borders) immediately pleaded the Fifth Amendment, in what appeared to be a Pavlovian response to commentary regarding attorneys of any kind.

At press time, the MMAWB’s website contained an additional announcement stating that they would also be taking cases related to worker’s compensation, motorcycle head injuries, and diet pill lawsuits.  Oh and if you have used an ice machine, had mesh placed in your body, or have been diagnosed with mesothelioma, please contact them as well.

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    Amber Groghan

    hahaha Patrick Groghan

  • Avatar
    Andrew Maletz

    And remember… They don’t get paid until YOU get paid!

  • Avatar
    Bill Clark

    I suggest they visit all the ISIS controlled areas first

  • Avatar
    Daren Bobo Brooks


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    Sleeper comment…love it!

  • Avatar
    Khalid Manzoor

    The Third World didn’t have enough parasites?

  • Avatar
    June Curry


  • Avatar
    June Curry


  • Avatar
    Richard Kincaid

    LOL Sam !

  • Avatar
    Randy Ferrance

    Ummm… Attorneys don’t have hearts.

    It is known.

  • Avatar
    Peggy Buck


  • Avatar
    Stephen Matthew Burke

    Having served on a medical mission to the Phillipines we saw first hand the need for this “service” Todd Crusenberry and Gary Moore – LOL

  • Avatar
    Suzanne Kisting

    Bahahaha… Michelle Clark…. Wanna suggest this to Daniel?

  • Avatar
    Anton Furman

    Leo Reap

  • Avatar
    Richard Month

    The irony is the ad for the injury attorney that popped up at the bottom of the page.

  • Avatar
    Andrea Milne

    It would be an adventure…

  • Avatar
    Samuel Freedman

    Did you hear about the lawyer with the broken nose?

    He was chasing a parked ambulance.

  • Avatar
    Caitlin Foxley Siler


  • Avatar
    Andrea Milne

    Samuel Freedman – want to go on a holiday??

  • Avatar
    Todd Boleman

    This sounds about right but do they also handle the testosterone cases?

  • Avatar
    Matthew Loftus

    the truly hilarious part is how badly legal services *are* needed in developing countries…

  • Avatar
    Iris Gonzalez

    Wow, what a great service – can sue traditional healers as well!

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    Judith Olson


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    Shannon Guarino Joseph

    Amy, you were looking for volunteer work, right??

  • Avatar
    Saad Mohammad

    This is gold

  • Avatar
    Phil Petty

    Could serve an actual, useful function as a**wipes.

  • Avatar
    Craig Becker

    Christen Elledge, You want to write satire with me!?

  • Avatar
    Christen Elledge

    Craig Becker we can even volunteer together!

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