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We recently received some great medical cartoons from a cartoonist and wanted to share them with you.  Check out his Med Cartoons site at  He was even able to make a plague doctor cartoon for us, which we, of course, have a soft spot for!

heart failure medical consult m&m

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    Lex Landry Robertson

    It’s from this week’s New Yorker if you want to order a really nice framed version!

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    Ann Cahalan Ward

    Sheri Fessenden!!Carol Aninos!!Jennifer Rynerson!!

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    Joshua Pierpont
  • Avatar
    Joshua Pierpont

    This is so getting put in the physical therapy office!

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    Jill Soroka Gore

    There are ingenious! Keep ’em coming!

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    Howard Julien

    Cristobal Goa

  • Avatar

    Thank you for the great idea!

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    Janeen Mohr

    LOVE IT!

  • Avatar
    Lex Landry Robertson
  • Avatar
    Juan Ka


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    AndersPeter Skovsen

    Well done!!

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    Danny Tello

    Nicolette Kennedy

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    Pulkit Saxena

    Patrick Kicker

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    Jennifer Y. Lee

    You guys should get Nick Seluk (cartoonist of The Awkward Yeti) on board

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    Joanie Sapienza


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    Bill Farnham

    These are TOO good!

  • Avatar
    Mersiha Hadziahmetovic


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