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Hasbro Unveils Innovative Medical Teaching Tools: Mr. Rectum and Ms. Pelvis

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PAWTUCKET, RI – In response to the paucity of volunteers for critical physical exam instruction, the Council on Undergraduate Medical Education (CUME) has partnered with Hasbro™, maker of the famous Mr. Potato Head, to create anatomically accurate teaching tools.

potato headDr. Vas Defrenz, directer of the CUME, states: “Medical education is in flux.  No longer do we have lines of people queuing up to be volunteers, paid or unpaid, to be pelvic and rectal exam models.  It’s sad; I’ve had to pull my own pants down a few times, to accommodate this epidemic of need.  I’m really tired… and sore.”

The inflatable plush models will be anatomically correct to allow students to accurately identify normal anatomy.  Velcro™ add-ons such as polyps, cysts, and hemorrhoids will simulate pathologic findings.  CEO of Hasbro, James McFinger: “We are so thrilled to be involved in molding the physicians of tomorrow.  Mr. Rectum and Ms. Pelvis will undoubtedly lead to cost savings and convenience for medical schools while promoting a familiar, child-like joy of learning in its students.  And they’re great gifts for small children afterwards.”

A participant in one of the pilot groups, second-year student Keith Chickory was interviewed about his experience using Ms. Pelvis.  “I was a little intimidated and nervous at first but once I relaxed and became more familiar with Ms. Pelvis it actually was fun.  I can’t wait to take her home and practice.” Fellow student Lindsay Slohan chimed in: “Mr. Rectum taught me so much in just a few minutes.  I now feel confident with my probing skills.  Human rectums, look out!”

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