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Poll: Why Are Neurologists Consulted?

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We polled thousands of neurologists across the world to get down to the bottom of why they are consulted.  Here are the top 9 reasons that bring neurologists into the picture.  A historical note: not one single patient has ever been admitted to a Neurology service, ever.

If you do consult for altered mental status, be sure to check out the new 2015 Altered Mental Status Guidelines here.
neurology consult

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    Most famous for his invention of the reflex, Jimothy Dalton is best characterized by his flippant demeanor and quizzical facial expressions. He is grateful for his Arkansan upbringing which painted his education wholly Creationist and fruitfully agrarian. Despite his frontal lobotomy, Jimothy remains gleefully productive in the fields of Netflix rentals, underwear modeling, and bouncy castles. When he isn’t writing for gomerblog, he’s dealing with patients. And thinking about what he’s going to write next for gomerblog.

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