The Fantasy Google Electronic Medical Record Vs. Reality

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Maybe Google needs to be hired for the next generation of electronic medical records.  Most of us would appreciate these new changes.


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    Esta Han

    Dave DeBronkart Marc Ramirez

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    Sara Goodin Ayalla

    Game changer!

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    Nicole Talbot


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    Douglas Dew

    21st century medicine using 1960’s technology

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    Terry Niska Watson

    Sooooooo true!!!

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    Chris Furkert

    This is legit on point.

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    Chris Shearer

    After the last 5 years of trying to find ICD codes, patient names, drug names, medical and surgical history items and everything else in my EMR, Google would be amazing. As doctors, we don’t spend all our time looking at our screens because we want to… It’s because we can’t find a damn thing we’re looking for.

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    Nicki Olson

    ALL THE YES Google please make all EMRs plz thanks. You could have ultimate world domination.

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    Mary Ruth

    Yes!!!!! I wish :/

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    Ann Ruark Hoskins

    LOVE this!!

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    Helen le Vann

    If only….

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    Chris Carroll MD MS

    RT : The Fantasy Google Electronic Medical Record vs Reality – http://t.co/kSDAE3cBwV #hcsm #meded http://t.co/VVnxXpkkTl

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