pain in elbow

A Revolutionary New Objective Pain Scale Could Replace the 0-10 Pain Scale

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pain in elbow

The conventional 0-10 pain scale used as “the fifth vital sign” has made caregivers complacent in pain management.  A new scale has been devolved by James Nencka, Chief of Medicine at the Clement Ave complex.

Dubbed the NAP Scale (Nencka Adjusted Pain Scale), it will revolutionize how pain is managed in healthcare.  This scale takes the established subjective 0-10 scale and adds an objective scoring table that can take away up to 10 points from that original number, followed by some positive adjustments.  This new objective pain scale adjustment could be one of the greatest medical breakthroughs since vaccine development.

Start with the traditional 0-10 pain scale. Use each score criteria to adjust the initial score.pain scaleAfter a score is determined there may be more adjustments made:
– Patient is Hmong +10
– Patient has a large piece of metal protruding from any part of their body +5
– Patients first documented visit to the Emergency department +4
– Patient has already taken OTC pain medications prior to arrival +2
– Patient has no smell of ETOH +1
– Patient properly uses 0-10 scale + 1
– Patient asks the question “Can I go back to work tomorrow?” +1

This scale does go from -10 all the way to +34 so pain medication must be adjusted properly as more studies will be done to determine the best pain medication and dosage dependent on the final score.

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    Ryan Kaylor

    Every visit to the ER in the last week -1

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    Scott Cartwright

    People routinely make their highest priority obtaining a turkey sandwich upon entering the ED. It typically reveals to us RNs that your complaint is non life-threatening.

  • Avatar
    Diane Logue Messantonio

    Another good one!

  • Avatar
    Diego Armando Merchán Puentes

    I’m so using it…

  • Avatar
    Michelle Buczacz

    Trying too hard to be funny

  • Avatar
    Eddie Villa

    Totally thought of you when I read this hahaha

  • Avatar
    Corey Chernavsky

    I’m not in the medical field. What’s the turkey sandwich thing?

  • Avatar
    Jill Soroka Gore

    Thanks. I was in a medical frame of mind when I saw that word.
    My husband watched Gran Torino. I watched parts, in between surfing the internet on my laptop. :)

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    Oliver Lundt

    I’m a level 3 for just saying I’m a level 0, going to work, and not smelling. I guess this is accurate because in general it is a pain to get out of bed.

  • Avatar
    Nik Adams

    I think this is already implemented just not spoken about…

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    Mark Bellew


  • Avatar
    Marjorie Haney

    Now we need a scale like this for labor and delivery

  • Avatar
    De Anand

    This actually makes a lot of sense!

  • Avatar
    Adam Cavanaugh

    Someone didn’t watch Gran Torino

  • Avatar
    Megan Brus Julius

    I love this lol

  • Avatar
    Georgie Blain

    Bethany Purcival

  • Avatar
    Jeremy John

    Danny Danny Roberts. I’m not saying anything ;)

  • Avatar
    Ann Ruark Hoskins

    Positive Cheeto sign…haha!

  • Avatar
    Jessica Romanoff

    John Hatley this is needed!!!

  • Avatar
    Janice Biorn

    Laotian mountain tribe, helped the USA during the Vietnam War. Many immigrated to the USA. Very stoic in my experience.

  • Avatar
    Laura Mayer


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    Dorothy Todd Neufeld

    A people from Laos, China, Vietnam & Thailand. Have their own language and cultural identity. Very stoic people. Read about the culture in grad school.. We had to read excerpts from ” The Sport Catches You and You Fall Down” interesting read. What I remember from the book was the women could progress in labor and be ready to deliver but would not outwardly act “in pain”.

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    Carolyn Emerson

    Tom Dillewaard

  • Avatar
    Jill Soroka Gore

    What’s Hmong??

  • Avatar
    Farah Nasraty

    Rania Kaoukis Adam Knudson Erika Maestas

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