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I am an emergent see room dock door.  I am righting to let you no how much eye am in joying your voice recognition software.  Just like your sails man promised, it is a huge time saver in the emergent see retardment.  I real member when I used to dick Nate all of my charts.  Sometimes the hypnotist would train scribe the wrong word and we wood all half a heart E laugh.  With your one door full soft wear those days are long gong!

I know our hospital minestrone is saving a lot of money with your inedible technology.  Our see E oh told us not having to pay for train diction services is worth every pen knee.  His new BM double you is proof of that!

Why, just an hour a go I saw a man who was having a hard attack.  We gave him ass purrin, nitro gliss hair in, and more fine.  We saved his life!  Be four it wood have take in me several men nuts to dick tate his chart.  But now I can dew it in under a six tee sex hunts, and it all is put in the chart in mead ate lee.

I must admit be four they in stalled your paw duct I was whirred it would not work in a noisy emerge ant see room.  But I was in core erect.  It does work.

So thank you.  And keep it up.  I know some dock doors come plain that your over prized soft wear is a piece of sit, but I want you to no not every won feels that weigh.

Sins early,

Dock dur Jack oh bee