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Nurses Fired Over Grim Reaper Halloween Costumes

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HOUSTON, TX – Two Nurses were relieved of duty on Friday at Good Samaritan Mercy Hospital for dressing up as The Grim Reaper during their ICU shift. Hospital administrator Emily Randalson was furious:

Halloween costume“They broke our hospital Halloween policy of no skeletons, gravestones, ghosts, grim reapers, mummies, blood, zombies, any mask, or anything scary that could cause MIs or frightened children.  These ICU nurses decided it would be a good idea to dress up as The Grim Reaper which turned out to be a horrible idea.”

“It just isn’t fair,” said fired RN Timothy Groudy. “Some nurses in the ER wore double vision costumes and freaked out their pysch patients and nothing happened to them.  Also the phlebotomist was dressed as Dracula and not a word was said.  An OR nurse was dressed as a Werewolf and I know that isn’t sterile!  They singled out us!  Our patients actually enjoyed the change of pace, confirmed on EKG, and I know I was able to wean bed 310’s epinephrine drip down after going in the room in costume.  I even took off my hoodie to go in for a family meeting on DNR.  These administrators can’t even take a joke! It’s Halloween!”

78year old patient, Dennis Struberty, thought his time had come at first, but quickly realized the humor and ended up enjoying the joke.  “Once I realized it was my nurse, I laughed and actually felt better.  Glad to see some creativity around this POS.”

Hospital Administrators are worried what will happen in Hospitals this Saturday as Halloween falls on a weekend.  “We are concerned that the lack of supervision by administrators this weekend will lead to more inappropriate costumes by employees.”

When asked if the concern was enough to have administrators work on Saturday to monitor, Randalson replied, “No way, are you crazy?”

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