Local Restaurant with Serious Health Violations, Owner Cites Pandering to Scrub-Wearing Customers as Cause

While there are some toolbags that still think it is cool to wear scrubs in public, one restaurant owner claims it may cause his restaurant to go out of business.  Phil Moughnuts, owner of Moughnuts, stated, “I tried to pander to the residents and nurses that enjoy meeting for a beer after a shift at the hospital, however, this practice may cost me my livelihood.”

wearing scrubs to restaurantPhil is referring to health inspectors visiting the restaurant and finding blood and fecal contamination on the restaurant counters and seats.  The only possible explanation Phil could give is the hospital employees that frequent his place of business.  “I have no idea why someone would willingly wear scrubs in public, I mean, I always thought they looked douchie, now it turns out they actually are douchie!” Phil continued.

One further review, wearing scrubs in public has recently been linked to a community acquired C. diff outbreak in Durham, NC.  While the city is currently under quarantine, there has been a drop in scrubs wearing outside the hospital thought to be linked to local hospital admission rates.

Hospital administrators are stating admissions are up 1000% percent and are praising the residents and nurses for their “brave efforts” to increase business.  One medicine resident states he hasn’t been home “in days” and said, “we have been so busy at the hospital, I haven’t had time to leave… or come to think of it, change my scrubs.”  Scrub machine vendor, Cintas, has filed for bankruptcy citing low demand for new products as the cause.